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This site has a very simple privacy policy: we believe that your privacy is paramount.

We do not collect any information - private or otherwise - from our visitors. On occasion we link to sites relevant to a discussion on a particular topic. These sites may have different privacy policy. We make an effort to only link to the sites that follow decent, common use guidelines.

The only time you become identifiable is when you send us email. We may use your email address to communicate with you on the topic of your request but not otherwise. We shall not give or sell your email address to any other party.

The Interactive Mathematics Miscellany site works with reputed third parties that serve ads to this site:,, Ezoic, and These companies do attempt to track your page selections via cookies with the purpose of determining your interests and browsing habits. The idea is that this information may help them serve you better, for example, by displaying ads that, in their view, may be of greater interest to you than the alternatives. While this information may be deemed personal, there is no way that those companies identify you as an individual. The practice is known as the behavioral ad serving. In any case, your browser has a facility to block the ads once and for all.

All major ad serving networks participate in the Network Advertising Initiative. The NAI allows web users to opt-out from behavioral advertising and provide a tool that individuals may use to opt-out from behavioral campaigns of specific companies or all together.

You are welcome to apply that tool to the adds that appear at this site.

If you suspect that any of our pages do not comply with the stated policy please let us know of any infraction via the Mail Notification Page. We promise a swift action.

Thank you for using our site.

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